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Askco Group

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In April 2011, charging kiosks manufacturer Gidophone became part of the Askco Group

Since 1983 Askco has been a leader in the maintenance and the energy conversion field. He earned its independence and the customers’ trust by being able to adapt itself and by its know-how.

The Askco Group has an efficient and well-staffed national coverage, being present in 9 of the greatest regions of France. The headquarters are based in Lyon.

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What is an uninterruptible power supply ?

An uninterruptible power supply is a static power converter designed to protect the electronic equipment from micro disconnections. This device provides a computer’s electricity supply in order to guarantee a constant entrance tension. It is designed to charge electrical energy and restore it in case of power failure, allowing you to save your files and close properly your applications. It can replace the main supply in case of failure for a few minutes or even hours.